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Medical Findings

  • 84% of doctors describe Biocell Ultravital (BU) effective ancillary or primary treatment
  • 81% of doctors would rate BU treatments as above average or excellent with 98% agreeing they are better than regular.
  • 65% of doctors would use BU treatments to assist conventional treatments
  • 99.9% of doctors feel secure and confident using BU treatments
  • 52% of doctors report therapeutic effects within the first month of starting BU treatments and 84% report them within 2 months
  • 89% of doctors using BU treatments report faster effects when used as an addition to conventional treatments vs. the use of conventional treatments alone
  • 89% of doctors would unquestionably recommend BU treatments to their colleagues
  •  72% of doctors would recommend BU as an ancillary treatment
  • 59% of doctors would recommend BU as a primary treatment for their patients
  • BU combined with other treatments has been reported to have a 92% cure rate by doctors using this protocol.
  • 46% of doctors have reported BU treatments better than conventional medical treatments
  • 91% of doctors report BU instrumental in curing disease
  • 75% of doctors report BU treatments as having preventative, curative and supplementary benefits
  • 80% of doctors have prescribed BU to prevent a specific disease at some time
  • 99.9% of doctors report that the use of BU has benefited their patients and practice as a whole
  • 64% of doctors find BU most effective when used in the active stage of a disease
  • 84% of doctors report that BU treatment has no negative altering effects on conventional treatments
  • 97% of doctors report above average results from administering BU treatments

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