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Regenerative Treatments 3G Biocell Ultravital Cellorgane Multicomplex 3G is a revitalizing treatment to minimize the risks of degenerative and chronic diseases.
Benefits against the following:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive Diseases/Memory loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Kidney Disease

People who have more exposure to environmental and industrial contaminants tend to produce more free radicals in cells and gain deterioration in tissues, organs and their functions, this is called oxidative stress or cellular oxidation which is one of the mainly causes of the aging process and all diseases related. Moreover, taking into account that the deterioration of organs by free radicals is not uniform; some organs with traumas, infections, hereditary conditions or degenerative diseases are more easily deteriorated. Reason for which Biocell Ultravital brings a set of restorative therapies designed for specific organs or the whole body.

Biocell Therapies clean all waste biological material in cells generating new proteins, enzymes, lipids, etc... Therefore, cells recover their functionality and decreases future damages from free radicals, thanks to various components and significant amount of natural antioxidants in our formula.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

It is a 100% natural pharmaceutical grade organotherapy, part of the most exclusive line of Holistic and natural medicines considered by most specialists to be the most effective organic revitalization products on the market today. Through its Cellular Renovation this product is a natural immunological reinforcement assisting the organism to defend itself against chronic degenerative diseases. It is important to keep in mind that it contains no synthetic or chemical components, thus it is not a pharmaceutical drug.

What are the benefits from taking Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

The formula generates a revitalizing effect specific to each organ. 11 of the bodies systems are targeted monthly, as well, as a treatment system for men and women. It is a complete monthly therapy designed for the whole year promoting cell renewal improving functionality and reducing the risk of degenerative disease.

How does Human Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

It functions at a cellular level through a mechanism called autophagy a process by which all waste material in the cell is removed and its components are restored to the capacity they once had restoring cellular function. It acts revitalizing all the organs at a cellular level improving its functions.

What are the principal components in Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

It is an exclusively patented world renowned combination of polypeptides, cellular extracts (organotherapy), and amino acids. These components allow for optimal and proper cellular function. It contains no drugs or synthetic hormones.

What therapeutic properties does Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G utilize?

It is a combination of 3 groups of therapeutic principles:

  1. Cellular Therapy: organotherapy using ovine and porcine protein fragments.
  2. Amino Acid Therapy: It has a high concentration of essential amino acids.
  3. Peptide Therapy: Due to its protein and transferase components

How should I take Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

As a preventive/Revitalizing dose:

  • Take 2 tablets daily for a month 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Each of 12 formulas should be completed for a yearly treatment.

For specific pathology or pathologies:

  • Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night with water 30 minutes before meals.
  • The patient should take the formula specific for the organ/system related to their pathology for 6 months.

What are secondary or side effects associated to Cellorgane Multi-Complex 3G?

This product has no secondary effects or contraindications with any other medicine. It is void of any toxic properties due to its natural organic biological components.